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A Message from the President
Fred J. Pask
President, New York State Assessors' Association
2000 - 2001


Welcome! It is with great pleasure and honor that I represent you, as president of the NYSAA.

I would like to say thank you for allowing me to serve as president of our great association. During my years of service there have been many people that have afforded me the honor and luxury of offering help, advice, and encouragement. To these people, I say thank you.

To be able to fulfill the duties required of the office you need the full backing of your Town Board and a very understanding spouse. I am fortunate to have both.

I have a great staff. Without them, I couldn't do what I do. When I am out of the office, I know that when I get back the work will be done and done correctly. Thank you Becky and Dawn.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank my very dear friend, past president, Anne Sapienza. Without her guidance and encouragement I would not be here tonight. Anne, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you.

I look forward to working with Tom, Pat, Laverne and my fellow board members.

I have often been asked what my theme or focus for the next year was going to be. My answer was to HAVE FUN. To accomplish this there are several points that have to be looked at. There should be a little scroll in front of you; this will act as a guide as to how we can all HAVE FUN.

HELP: we must be willing to help each other solve problems, help our town boards or city councils to understand our jobs and to assist them when necessary, we must be willing to help our customers, The Public, to understand the assessment process. "Quote, Stephen R. Covey, WIN-WIN see life as a cooperative not a competitive arena."

ACTIVE: we must actively promote our profession by keeping it in the forefront. This can be accomplished by becoming active in your county assessor's association, other trade and civic organizations.

VISION: to build on our tradition of service by living up to certain values, such as respect. Integrity, honesty, and by ensuring that everyone we meet receives dedicated and conscientious service. "Paraphrased NY STATE TROOPERS mission statement".

EDUCATION: we must seek continuous improvement and learning experiences to improve our profession and ourselves. Become educated; educate the public and our governing boards on the importance of our profession. A better-educated public can be our best customer.

FAIRNESS: adhere to the GOLDEN RULE. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Dispel the perception of preferential treatment by treating all customers and others in a fair, ethical manner.

UNITY: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" quote Helen Keller. We must work to maintain a unified association. We must all work together to understand how certain rules, procedures, and legislation affects the different regions of our association, and try to reach a common resolution to these problems.

NEGOTIATION: we must be firm, and fair but have the ability to listen prior to making major decisions. We must listen, to hear, what the other person is saying or wanting to do. We must have the foresight to compromise if necessary. "There are victories of the soul and spirit sometimes, even if you lose, you win" Elie Wiesel.

In closing, I would like to quote an ancient proverb. Watch your thoughts for they become your words; Watch your words for they become your actions; Watch your actions for they become your habits; Your habits become your character; Your character becomes your destiny.

Again, I say 'thank you' and now it's time to have fun!