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A Message from the President
Nicholas A. LongoNicholas A. Longo
New York State Assessors' Association President 2002 - 2003




Fall Conference 2002

Past President Sue Otis, Executive Board Members, fellow Assessors, Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome one and all to year 2002/2003. The theme or motto, if you will, for this year is


Over the past several years all of the regions of the state have come together. This Board and I will work hard to keep us together, ever mindful that some of the issues are different from region to region. ONE VOICE…ONE HEARTBEAT.

My goals for the coming year are:

COMMUNICATION - Communication between board Members and County Liaisons, between County Presidents and their membership. Committee chairs are going to be asked to involve their committee members prior to submitting their reports. Those of you who are on committees, communication is a two way street. Call or e-mail the chair of your committee, pitch in and help. We are all in this association for the betterment of Assessors and assessing practices.

Also under communication, please visit our web site. Peter Galarneau and Pat Frey work very hard to keep it updated.

EDUCATION - Education is the function of the IAO; however we can suggest courses we would like to take at Cornell as well as One Day Seminars and topics for the Fall Conference. I urge you all to attend beyond your need for credits - the credits we need to continue in office - the knowledge we need to perform our jobs.

LEGISLATION - Sue Otis is going to chair our Legislative Committee. I feel confident that our voice will be heard, pro and con, on every piece of Legislation that pertains to us. Also, I ask that you attend Legislative Action Day. Let’s make this Legislative Action Day the biggest ever.

MENTORING - Sue Otis’ brain child has finally come to fruition. We now have mentoring as a Standing Committee. Whether you desire to be a Board Member or you are a new Board Member or a new Assessor, sign up and avail yourself of this important tool. I am committed to keeping the Mentoring Committee viable.

COUNTY ORGANIZATIONS - I am going to make it our business to organize the 8 counties that have no organization, to visit as many of the existing county organizations as humanly possible, and to conduct a membership drive in order to bolster our ranks.

PAST PRESIDENTS - There have been 16 Presidents since I first joined the New York State Assessors’ Association. I am going to form a College of Past Presidents, chaired by Edye McCarthy. These Past Presidents are located all around the State. Each has started as Board Members. Each has worked up through line offices and finally President. Think of all the experience we could avail ourselves of.

Last, but not limited to, I will continue a good solid working relationship with ORPS and the County Directors Association. Thank you all for making this a great evening - God bless you - and God bless America!