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A Message from the President
Timothy Sheares, IAOTimothy Sheares, IAO
President, New York State Assessors' Association
2008 - 2009
[email protected]





I am asking members to update your e-mail address at the New York State Assessors’ Association (NYSAA) office and I also invite members to acquire a NYSAA email address (contact Patrick Duffy at [email protected]). As this will ascertain that we will be able to contact and communicate with you utilizing our ListServ along with the conventional ways of the past.

We need to reconsider the way we elect our Executive Board. The election process should be open to all Regular Members! Absence from the annual meeting should not preclude a Regular Member from participating in the election process.

Some may say that it is easy for me to say since I have benefited from the “old boys network.” I say that as President it is not necessary for me to accept the status quo. I have proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws Committee in regards to the voting/nomination process and it is with hope that it will come to a vote at the annual meeting in 2010. I am sure that you will be hearing more about this starting in the New Year.

This year during the Legislative Session at the Assessment Administration Seminar in Saratoga (Monday, September 28, 2009) two documents will be presented. One is the New York State Assessors’ Association White Paper on Real Property Tax Reform. The other is the Uniform Assessment Standards a collaborative effort of the Office of Real Property Services, New York State Association of Directors of Real Property Tax Services and the New York State Assessors’ Association. Both documents are in draft form and we are seeking your questions and comments before either document is finalized…

As the end of my term is coming to a close, I have started to examine the year retrospectively.

In my speech last fall to the membership I talked about how I planned to represent - “to speak and act for by delegated authority, to set forth clearly or earnestly with a view to influencing opinion or action.” It is with hope that in your eyes I was successful in representing our association in what has been a challenging year.

I also talked about the challenges and controversy seen and unseen. And finally, I asked the question “Will you represent?”

There is no doubt that the year has had its challenges. No matter the situation, you were there!

You were there in Albany for the proposed two-tier 3-5% level of assessment tolerance issue, informing the State Board of Real Property Services that there should be a single level of tolerance for all assessors.

You were there as we attempted to make Legislative Action Day local by either meeting members of the New York State Legislature in their home office or inviting them to your respective County Assessors’ meetings.

You were there to give your wise input regarding Consolidation and in particular County Assessing explaining thoughtfully the true economic and social impact of such an endeavor.

You were there to explain the importance of Reimbursement for education credits.

You were there to address the term of the Reassessment Cycle.

You were always there with your support. You reaffirmed our (NYSAA) motto “An Association is only as good as its members." You represented your association well and I thank you.