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A Message from the President
Margaret Jenkins
President, New York State Assessors' Association
2009 - 2010






Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to begin by letting all of you know how very much I appreciate the opportunity to serve the NYSAA as your 65th President. It is a great honor and privilege and I thank you; the membership, for your confidence, Tim Sheares for his (highly) effective leadership in guiding the business of the association during his term as President, Tom and Pat Frey and Laverne Tennenberg for their continued hard work and dedication, Larry Quinn for his years committed to such a great organization and to a terrific and supportive Executive Board.

Before moving forward, I wish to recognize two very important people in my life, my husband Bob and my daughter Margaret, to whom I say, Thank You for your love and support.

I would like to thank my Supervisor, Preston Jenkins, Town Board members, Tom Cumm and Bob Prendergast, Building Inspector Joseph Patricke, Superintendent of Schools, James McCarthy, GAR Associates, and my friends and colleagues who have joined this very special celebration, and a special thank you to my County Assessor’s Association, Saratoga.

I start by conveying to you this message; baseball players are not alone with their batting slumps. The rest of us also have slumps. This is when we need to try harder, take a deep breath, hold on, blink our eyes and take on a new prospective, because the adverse conditions we are about to face can be overcome.

With that being said, we enter into a year that will be challenging due to economic conditions, budget constraints, new legislation and a lack of affordable education, I will do my best to fight the battles that will best serve this association, hoping that a depressing 2009 will make way for a more promising 2010.

My efforts will be aimed toward promoting open communication among the membership.

This is of utmost importance to me because when this association works together, things work well, when we do not work well together, things do not work at all.

We will revisit and revitalize the mentoring process in order to educate members who wish to serve as Executive Board members, existing board members who wish to move up the chairs and members of the assessment profession who require assistance. I need to take this opportunity to thank my mentor and dear friend, Sue Otis. I wish to also thank Patrick Duffy for always challenging my ability.

We need to be actively vigilant, bestowing awards to those individuals that should receive recognition for their professionalism and dedication.

Finally, we will re-double our efforts to affect change to the Condominium Law, support for a Cycle Bill, and attempt to change language under 581A, the subsidized housing law.

In closing I leave you with this thought: When things become unbearable, we will not falter or fuss; we will make the most of the best and the least of the worse.

Thank you.