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A Message from the President

Denise J. Trudell, IAO
President, New York State Assessors' Association

Good Evening Everyone;

What an honor to stand before you as the 72nd President of our distinguished organization. I am greatly humbled.

I would like to take a minute and introduce my husband, Charlie and my daughter and son-in-law Becky & Mike. I have to give them a great deal of credit for putting up with me through many years of revaluations and then every year the dreaded “Month of May”. Having several townships Mays schedule gets crazy with having to meet the state mandated time schedule of setting with the roll. Also in the audience this evening is my Administrative Assistant Kimberli and her husband Larami and my Town Supervisor from the Town of Clayton, Justin Taylor and his lovely wife Debbie.

I am very fortunate to have a supervisor who at a public meeting concerning a revaluation, where there were several disgruntled taxpayers, got up and said to the crowd “If you are here to talk taxes, then you need to talk to me. I am the one who sets the tax rate. She is your Assessor and you talk to her if you have a question about your assessment.” I am grateful to have a supervisor who A) understands that and B) has the courage to do that.

Our organization has seen and will continue to see many changes. In the near future we will be interviewing candidates for a new Executive Director and Assistant. We have all grown used to the “status quo” of the “Tom and Pat” show and it will be a difficult job to find someone to fill their shoes. I am personally very thankful for their help and guidance through my years on the Executive Board.

If there is one thing that I have learned in this business, and while raising teenagers, we must pick our battles! We don’t want to be perceived as a constant negative group, but on that same note we must remain diligent with our efforts to get RPTL 324 reinstated and the Condo Bill passed.

We have had to face the fact of reduced reimbursed education hours, although many of us fought hard to keep the 24hr credit intact – that was in fact cut to 12hrs. Now is the time to assure our Municipalities that an educated Assessor is more valuable than an uneducated Assessor. The cost of training may be minimal in comparison to litigation that could have been avoided with a highly qualified One Day Seminar or a Full Week Class at Cornell. Let’s show them what is offered by our organization for education and prove to them it is worth the cost.

I am sure that most of you had the experience of someone coming into your office and saying “I wouldn’t want your job” or “I wouldn’t do your job for all the tea in China” I know that I hear that at least once a week. Part of me is thankful – one less person to worry about at next year’s reappointment time. But mostly I wonder why people believe that this profession is one to be shunned. I consider myself lucky to truly love the profession that I have chosen. Yes….there are times that it is difficult, but without this chosen field I would not have had the opportunity to meet the wonderful members of this organization.

As my good friend Sue Otis said: We need to be strong, we need to be united and we need to help each other.
Stand Tall and Be Proud of Our Distinguished Organization.

Thank you.