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Website Policies
Purpose: The NYSAA Web Page is maintained by the Associations Technology Committee in order to provide the Assessment Community up to date information about the Association and its activities. It is also to promote the Association to the general public by informing them of our purpose.

Allowed Uses: The Web Site will be used for but not limited to the following:

- Outline the Association's Purpose. 
- Posting Educational Opportunities. 
- Posting Information of interest to the assessment community.

Prohibited Uses: The Web Site will not contain commercial advertising and/or "Banners". 
Help Wanted Page
- Help Wanted Ads will be accepted from Municipalities and Valuation Related entities. 
- Time limits for ads. Ads will run for the time specified or 90 days maximum.

Human Resources Page  
- Information will be accepted for publication by members of the NYSAA seeking employment opportunities in the Assessment Field. 
- Entries will be posted Alphabetically.