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Cornell Education Program

“Try Cornell this year”

The 2017 training schedule is partially complete including Cornell Seminar in Ithaca.  This training experience is an opportunity to be in classes with expert instructors and colleagues who you can discuss problems with after class and get the grass roots approach to your daily job.  This year we are offering the 2 basic appraisal courses, the 3 day Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal Course, 5 day Introduction to Farm Appraisal Course needed for certification as assessor or county director.
Our computer course is Valuation in Excel which explores commercial valuation factors, VFF.  We also offer Instructor Training to teach students the art of instructing.  You can follow the other courses offered on this website and also apply to attend any of our courses offered around the State. I am excited about our offerings this year and I look forward to seeing you all at Cornell and please let us know what training you desire so we can create courses and find instructors who will entertain you.   

Roger E. Tibbetts, IAO
Chairman IAO Trustees

2017 Cornell Scholarship Winners:

Zarelli, Anne Marie Town of Halfmoon
Fox, Lucy Town of Geddes
Lorde, Cheslyn New York City
Wong, Alvin New York City
Donner, Jennifer Town of Royalton
Cheung, Diana New York City