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Chairmen of the Institute of Assessing Officers
Joseph J. Lennox 1958-1965
City of Yonkers
Luke W. Pauley
City of Buffalo
 Douglas G. Cronk
Westchester County
 Lawrence Benton 1974-1977
Town of Newburgh
 Natale T. Amato 1977-1983  Town of Smithtown
 William J. McIntyre, Jr. 1983-1985 Town of Walden
 Robert Osias 1985-1987 City of New Rochelle
 Jay J. Wheeler  1987-1989  Town of Liberty
 Michael J. Fogarty 1989-1995 Town of Newburgh
 Richard H. Hubner 1995-2001 Town of Warwick
 Cathy L. Conklin 2001-2014 Town of Clarkstown
 Roger E. Tibbetts 2014- present Towns of Adams, Harrisburg, & Watertown